Two Great Promos for Earth Month

Two Great Promos for Earth Month

For those of us passionate about sustainability, Earth Month is our favourite time of year! Every April we're greeted by our renewing Planet coming back to life after a long winter and we celebrate Earth Day (April 22nd). This time of year we like to put an added focus on sustainability and ending clothing waste, so we've decided to run two simultaneous promotions in our Re-Cycle shop.




Big Kid Promo

We strive to offer new and pre-loved clothes from 0-12y, but the fact is, our Re-Cycle shop is many more smaller sizes. In our weekly Re-Cycle drops we sell some larger sizes, of course, but we won't be satisfied until we can offer just as many clothes sized 5-12y as we do 0-4y. To help make that dream a reality, we're giving more money back for larger pre-loved sizes. 

For the whole month of April, we're offering a discount code worth $1 per piece of clothing sold to us that's sized 5y or larger. If you sell us ten clothing items, you'll receive $10 extra discount dollars, and so on. There's no minimum or maximum to this promotion! So if you have children's clothes sized 5-12y that you're finished with, now is a great time to put them back into the circular economy. 

Spring Cleaning Promo

To help motivate your Spring Cleaning efforts, we're giving 10% back on everything sold to us starting on April 22nd all the way till the end of the month! Whether it's clothing, shoes, nursery décor, and regardless of size, we'll be giving 10% back in the form of a discount code to our clients. For example, if your payment total is $100, you'll also receive a $10 code to use any time. Again, there's no minimum or maximum to this promotion. 

Best of all, these promotions are not mutually exclusive. If you sell us clothing that's 5y or larger, you'll get $1 extra per item, plus receive an additional 10% back off your total payment. 




We can't wait to see the pre-loved items you send us!

For more information on what clothes we accept for our Re-Cycle Program, see here

Happy Earth month everyone!



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