Quality for durability

All our products are chosen with care. We prioritize quality with the objective that each piece will be used by six kids. Re-using kids clothes allows for pieces to live on and thereby delay the landfill  for as long as possible. This also decreases the amount of new clothes produced each year, thereby decreasing our impact on our fragile ecosystems.


healthy Living

We directly see the link with healthy living and food because we care about what we put INSIDE our bodies. But, what about what we put ON our bodies? The skin is the biggest organ of the human body and it absorbs all the toxins to which it is exposed (including the clothes you wear) Mini-Cycle  chooses products with as little harmful chemicals as possible to avoid toxins from entering your little ones' skins.


future generations

We promote buying less, buying better and recycling to alleviate our impact on nature and thereby protecting the future of our children and their children...

Conscious Living

Every purchase we make is impactful and a vote for a better future. Be meaningful in your purchases, buy the story and not the item. 


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