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O'lou was born in 2016 in Montreal from the crazy idea of ​​simply creating clothes for children.

With O'lou we have given ourselves the mission to imagine unisex clothes that could be worn by our adventurers in short pants without gender distinction.

Because we are convinced that every gesture counts, we enjoy believing that our gender-neutral clothes can be the start of a new way of perceiving childhood, that girls and boys have fun and discover the world in the same way. …

We made the choice to use only raw materials made of organic cotton and to stay in Montreal to think, draw, create all our models.

So we think we can have a minimum impact on the environment and be able to preserve our children's future one sweater at a time.

Each change of season at O'lou marks the discovery of a new artist; indeed we collaborate hand in hand to create an exclusive and different design with each new collection.

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