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Les Petites Natures is a brand conceived, designed and assembled by Geneviève Forgues Lapointe, an ex-accountant, in Greater Montreal, Quebec. The brand offers unique garments with a vintage touch for modern children.

Les Petites Natures is a responsible and sustainable clothing line. The designs are timeless so that they can be passed down from one child to another (hence perfect for Mini-Cycle). With a concern for nature, all garments produced by Les Petites Natures is made with natural fabrics, principally linen and cotton. The owner-designer, Geneviève, also puts a lot of emphasis on confection. All the pieces are perfectly made and ready to withstand active kids activities. 

Mini-Cycle is proud to carry Les Petites Natures not only because it is an eco-conscious brand made to last, but also because the owner is an active player in the local fashion community and she is always ready to land a hand and support any inquiries.

For more information, visit this beautiful shop here.

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