Collection: Noukie's


In 20 years, Noukie's has become the leading specialist in products for newborn babies and little ones up to 8 years old, offering high-quality products to create a complete, beautiful environment to ensure their well-being, safety and serenity. The brand currently owns 23 stores in Belgium and France, and also has a wide network of multi-brand retailers across the world and is present in more than 26 countries.


In 1992, Katia de Paepe and Simon-Pierre Gilliot, importers of toys and young parents at the time, noticed that soft toys back then had long pile and plastic eyes. And so, in the interest of their child's well-being, and that of others, they decided to design a remarkably soft, short pile toy with embroidered eyes that would not come out and a radiant smile that reassures the baby. Very quickly, "Nouky"​, the soft toy made from veloudoux®, became a huge commercial success in Belgium and France. It was in 1996 that the Noukie's brand was created and it gradually developed a full childcare range based on its characters, the story of which is told through embroideries, prints, and its values, on valances, sheets, sleeping bags, musical toys and baby gyms, for example. In 2002, Noukie's range expanded again, offering a ready-to-wear collection which is in line with the same values: kindness and rigour. It offers chic and casual styles, extremely soft, comfortable materials, high-quality and sophisticated touches and fresh, neutral colours.