Collection: Benjie of Switzerland

A small step towards a big improvement! Benjie of Switzerland is a beautiful adventure driven by the idea of combining the notion of entrepreneurial success with the common good. The goal of the brand is to help parents put better shoes on their children. "Better" means creating and distributing a shoe that benefits everyone: children, parents, the community, the environment, suppliers and of course the company. This desire has led Benjie to use only natural, traceable materials such as Italian, Spanish and Portuguese leather, virgin wool and recycled cotton. The shoes are handmade in northern Portugal. The environmental impact is thus limited and social regulations are guaranteed. In terms of distribution, Benjie has also made choices: Benjie creates its shoes for each age of the children according to the experience acquired with them in its Geneva boutique and on . The targeted development model favors proximity to customers and direct distribution. Benjie thus offers parents a unique solution: an excellent product, expert guidance and an original spirit combining solidarity, environment, sharing and optimism! It is this model that Benjie is working to expand in the future.