What is Mini-Cycle?

Mini-Cycle specialises in circular economy for kids’ fashion. It offers new and preloved clothes 0 to 10 years old and guarantees to buy back everything once the kids outgrow their clothes.

All new clothes sold on the platform are chosen for their durability, so that they can come back to Mini-Cycle as many times as possible. The goal is for each piece to come back at least 4-5 times in order to cancel out their ecological footprint (according to a study, every time a piece of clothes is used for 9 months, it decreases its environmental footprint by 25%)

The mission of Mini-Cycle is to make sustainable clothes more accessible to all by giving a pay back to the families who return their clothes and by offering durable clothes at a fraction of the price in the preloved (Re-Cycle) section.

Mini-Cycle's concept:

This year, earth overshoot day was July 29 - the day humans have exhausted all resources our planet can renew in one year. Reusing our used resources as a primary resource is at the forefront of solving this issue. This is why circular economy should have been initiated years ago. Through Mini-Cycle, we want to offer a service that is essential to the preservation of our planet. Here is how it's done:

  1. Pre-Cycle: Selling durable new apparel;
  2. Mid-Cycle: Buying back ALL apparel purchased from Mini-Cycle at a fair transparent market price;
  3. Re-Cycle: Selling or repurposing loved Mini-Cycle items until they are completely worn out and then recycled in a meaningful way. 

We are hoping to create a closed loop cycle (a mini-cycle) where eventually only high quality/durable kids clothes are purchased and reused. The goal is to put an end to fast fashion and all the negative impact it has on society and the environment. Find out more here

Why you'll love Mini-Cycle...

Have you ever bought clothes from big brand names and noticed that the fabric was already deteriorating after four washes and/or "buttons and bows" falling off after the first wear? This can be so frustrating, especially if you were hoping for your younger kid to wear "hand-me-downs". Obviously, it is more than tempting to buy from big brand names companies because their prices are lower and, whether we like it or not, our little ones grow up so quickly that sometimes it feels frivolous to spend a lot of money on higher quality and durable apparel. 

Mini-Cycle wishes to offer tools to you and your family in order to solve part of this problem. Through its website, you will be able access new (Pre-Cycle) and preloved (Re-Cycle) high quality apparel specifically selected for their durability and their lower impact on the environment*. The clothes offered here will be slightly more expensive than what you normally would pay at a big brand name store because they are durable and very well made. However, the added benefit is Mini-Cycle's guarantee to buy back any item purchased within its platform, meaning that in the end, the apparel you will have purchased will cost you less, hassle free. 

*This may include one or more of the following characteristics: local production, organic fabrics, natural dyes, Fair Trade, upcycled materials, etc.

Our story...

Hi, my name is Jad, I am 36 years old, mother of two beautiful girls ages 3 and 5. I have been running Mini-Cycle for a year.

After completing a bachelors of commerce at McGill University and working at Bombardier Transportation in Bangkok, Thailand as a project manager for metro systems throughout Asia, I decided to focus my career towards the welfare of society and the environment. I came back to Canada to complete a master's degree in Environmental Studies from Queen's University while having my first daughter. Looking into a work life balance and furthering my career in sustainability, I started teaching Strategies in Sustainability at McGill University right after having my second daughter. 

While teaching at McGill, I studied more and more circular economy. The aspect of my life that was the hardest for me to achieve sustainability in was the clothes I put on my children. This is when the idea of Mini-Cycle came to life in order to put a stop to fast fashion and offer financial and efficient tools to families to do so.

I am positive that as Mini-Cycle grows it will have an increasing impact on consumption habits. My environmental background, helps me keep an eye on the big picture and always realign Mini-Cycle towards becoming a benefactor to society and an advocate for the environment.

I am very happy to embark in this journey with you and very thankful for your support!

Jad Robitaille, Founder and Owner