Collection: Nui Organics

Nui Organics was born in New Zealand in 2004 and is now at home all over the world. As a brand, we look to make clothing parents love and children love to wear. To us, this means exceptional quality, comfortable, innovative, imaginative and fashion forward. We design for extended wear and from quality materials that respect both people and planet.

Our special love is the beauty and intelligence of organic merino wool, which we present in various forms to be the perfect partner for a growing child’s life. We love wool. We love the texture, the colors, the look, and feel. We love that it is such a unique blend of beauty, function, and sustainability. Each year we aim to create a collection that we hope will showcase the charm and intelligence of merino wool in unique and exciting ways.

Respect for both people and planet has always been at the core of the Nui brand. As much as possible we use certified organic materials and production methods, work with factories that mirror our environmental and social philosophies and constantly seek to improve.

In Maori, the native language of New Zealand, nui means big or important hence the name Nui Organics™. Because we believe a clean start is a big thing for a little person.  We are inspired by our beautiful natural landscape and fired with a desire to maintain it for future generations.