If you are shipping from Canada and ALL your pieces are on the list of BRANDS WE LOVE * and/or are previously bought from Mini-Cycle and Partners, send them directly to us using the link here**: 


ID: PR293822

Please include your full name, e-mail, and identify pieces that have stains-damages-repairs

If you are shipping from outside of Canada, please send an email to to get your free shipping label. 



Pass by our offices to get your pieces approved directly. You can come see us on week days between 10am and 5pm at 4800 Saint-Ambroise, Suite 103, Montreal, H4C 3N8.




  1. Shoes, Bathing Suits, Undergarments, Socks, Tights, and similar items should only be sent if they are NEW or LIKE NEW (worn, but very well taken care of or barely worn). 
  2. Send your items in a bundle once you have reached a minimum of total original retail value of approximately $200. 
  3. Items sent directly without prior approval that were not previously bought at Mini-Cycle and Partners or that are not in the BRANDS WE LOVE might not get a payout.


* If you have items not included on the list, please send an email to with a list of the brands you wish to sell.

** Mini-Cycle cannot be held responsible for items lost or damaged in transit. If you desire an insurance on your shipment, please send us an email at

*** Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a payout for items not complying with the above. We also do not have the capacity at the moment to ship back or hold your items for you.