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This is the end of the Mini-Cycle loop. Buy second-hand items that were previously sold by Mini-Cycle* to parents like you. By buying back items that were only previously sold by Mini-Cycle, we can guarantee quality in terms of brands, but also maintain the look that you will be used to finding when shopping at Mini-Cycle. 

All items here are "New", "Like New", "Preloved" or "Well Loved". Items will be identified and priced as such. 

* Since this is the beginning of Mini-Cycle's journey, for a limited time, we are buying clothes from third parties to make sure we have a good selection under our "Re-Cycle" collection. The brands and quality of the products were chosen with durability in mind since we also guarantee to buy back preloved (Re-Cycle) items. 

New preloved items added EVERY WEDNESDAY. 

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