Launch, Pop up and Play with Boutique Mini-Cycle

Launch, Pop up and Play with Boutique Mini-Cycle


On October 21st, Mini-Cycle held a launch event and its first pop up shop at Jabberwocky Studio, a children’s activity center located in the NDG borough of Montreal. The location gave the kids a chance to play and snack while we introduced our brand and idea to the area families. The background sound to the shopping event was the sweet sound of children’s laughter. With the children busy at play it gave us a chance to connect with the families.  We had our retail space set up in their art studio, where you were able to shop our Pre-Cycle and Re-Cycle clothes. For many, it was an opportunity to see just how well made the clothes we carry are. For people just starting to shop gently loved clothes, it was an experience that had them realize that quality goes far. Re-cycle clothes mean previously worn, not worn out!

With winter fast approaching, many Montrealers’ had snowsuits on their minds. We were able to introduce them to the Danish company MiniAture. Do you know them? They are the top-of-the-top eco-friendly kids outerwear!* We carry them both in our Pre-Cycle and Re-Cycle sections and guarantee to buy back all the coats (Mid-Cycle). Mini-Cycle believes that even if our kids grow fast, we should avoid fast fashion and shop responsibly.

With the success of our first event and the pleasure we had in connecting with the community, we will try to have pop-up shops as often as possible. So, if you missed our event at Jabberwocky Studio, check out our Events section to see what's going on in the next few months. This weekend we will be at the Zero-Waste Festival which will be held at the Bonsecours Market on November 3rd and 4th ... We hope to see you there! Free registration here   

*MiniATure offers super quality winter coats designed for cold winters such as ours in Montreal. In addition, on the sustainability side, we can not find any better: each coat has passed an abrasion test of 50,000 cycles, which guarantees us that they will still be beautiful when we redeem them (and that you will have a good return of money or exchange value). Also, we really like the MiniATure brand for our little ones' coats, because they are produced responsibly. The company offers respectable working conditions to all employees in addition to using only non-toxic materials. We could not ask for more!!! 


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