Mini-Cycle is a circular kids fashion platform that allows you to buy, sell continuously in an effort to decrease the impact the fashion industry has on the environment and societies surrounding their production. 

Mini-Cycle guarantees to buy back any item you have purchased on its online platform in the last two years*, no questions asked, whether your pieces are broken or not.



Shipping items to Mini-Cycle is free! See following link to learn how to send us your loved clothes for free. 

Our objective is to make durable fashion more accessible and your investment in our platform helps achieving this goal.


How do I sell my clothes to you?

Our Re-Cycle program was designed to be as easy as possible with the technology accessible to us.

  1. We only accept pieces that are on the list of BRANDS WE LOVE. No need to email your photos, just get your free shipping label here.
  2. Send your items in a bundle once you have reached a minimum of total original retail value of approximately $200. This is important to avoid excessive carbon footprint with shipping.
  3. If your pieces are not on our list of brands we love, you can send a request to to have that brand added to our list. Please note: for sustainability and ethical reasons, we only accept clothing from small-medium brands, made from natural fibers and/or from independent boutiques.
  4. Ship your items for free: simply bring your package to the post office with your shipping label number or print it yourself and drop it in a Canada Post mailbox or at the post office directly.  (From the US and International: request your shipping label at
  5. Upon reception of your parcel, you will receive a confirmation email the next business day.  Your receipt with payout options will be sent 2 to 3 weeks later.
  6. Payout options:
    • Credit: Full amount in Mini-Cycle gift card (no expiry date, can be used on everything)
    • Cash: Via PayPal transfer (sent via the email used for the trade-in processing).  

Not ready to send your items yet? Register to our SELLERS MAILING LIST to be kept in the loop. 

How much will I get for the items I trade-in?

When we receive your items, we assess them based on the condition they are in. Once a condition rating is applied (see table below), a price at which it will be purchased from you (Payout) will be calculated based on a percentage of the resale value (credit payout is 10% more than cash payout). We carefully select durable apparel, hence we expect most to look "preloved" after two years of normal usage. 

The Payout is determined by Mini-Cycle based on the market, the state of each piece of apparel (ranging from "new with tag" to "needs repurposing") and whether you would like to get store credit or cash back: 

Resale Value x Allocated Percentage = Payout

For example, if you sent a pyjama which is in "Preloved" condition, would like to get a store credit (for future purchases at Mini-Cycle) and the resale value is estimated to be 20$ (evaluated by us), your Payout will be 8$, calculated as following:

20$ (Resale Value) x 40% (Allocated Percentage) = 8$ (Payout)


* If the items are received in non-saleable condition (eg. odour, wrinkles, soiled), more work will need to be put into making the apparel acceptable for resale and a lower payout percentage will be applied. We suggest prepping your clothes before you send them to Mini-Cycle in order to get a better payout. 

Have stains, rips, or the item is very worn out?

Don't worry, we value everything. Items that are more than gently used are given a lower percentage on the resale value depending on the issue (the more work needed, the lower the percentage given back to you). We then repair, clean your items to give them back another life. If it doesn't work, we repurse the items or give them a new life through our Up-Cycle program. 

How long do I have to make trade-ins after the original purchase?

We guarantee to buy back any apparel purchased from us in the last 2 years. We are happy to buy your Mini-Cycle apparel after the 2 year period on a case-by-case basis in exchange for store credits only. 

Do you accept trade-ins if the items were not purchased from Mini-Cycle?

For a limited time, we accept clothing purchased from other stores. Mini-Cycle only buys clothes from the list of brands we like

Once our Re-Cycle inventory will be full of beautiful clothing for your little ones, we will only be accepting clothes purchased from Mini-Cycle.

How do I get paid for my trade-ins?

Store credit will be sent to you via email. Cash payments will all be done via PayPal. Make sure to have an account set-up and to send the linked email address. 

Do you accept any type of apparel?

Shoes, Bathing Suits, Undergarments, Socks, Tights, and similar items should only be sent if they are NEW or LIKE NEW (worn, but very well taken care of or barely worn).  

* We will buy back pieces purchased after 2 years, but it is simply not guaranteed.