A Responsible Black Friday

A Responsible Black Friday

Every year when Black Friday rolls around, we're filled with mixed feelings. As a retailer of sustainably-made clothing, we love offering discounts to make our clothing more accessible to a larger audience, and as parents we ourselves jump on sales to provide quality clothing for our children at a more helpful cost.

Yet Black Friday is often synonymous with over-production, over-spending, and binge-buying - and we eschew these practices. The very reason we started Mini-Cycle was to provide a third way for parents who wanted ethically-made and sustainable clothing but couldn't afford the higher price tags that quality requires. Our goal is to make sustainability a viable option for parents through our Re-Cycle program where we guarantee to buy back anything you've bought from us (as well as your other pre-loved quality clothing) and through offering sales on our new items. And while we're not able to offer sales as regularly as our fast fashion counterparts, Black Friday is a time where as a small business we have decided to offer a site wide CONSCIOUSFRIDAY discount of 20%. 


If you've chosen to shop with us, you probably share many of our concerns. Still, we hope you will enjoy the 20% off discount and use it to build an intentional wardrobe for the little ones in your life.

This sale will make our pricier items more accessible and our secondhand items even more of a steal! If you have little ones on your Christmas list, we know you'll find something beautiful in this sale, including in our pre-loved section. Still, we encourage you to shop responsibly and only buy what you need, remembering that no amount of stuff will bring lasting happiness. 

Enjoy, dear customers! We are grateful for your support and we're thrilled to offer this discount to you!  


*Cannot be combined with other discount codes or applied retroactively.
**Starts November 27th at 12:00 AM EST and ends November 30th at 11:59 PM EST
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