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Christmas Eco-Conscious Bamboo Dinnerware (2 piece set)

Christmas Eco-Conscious Bamboo Dinnerware (2 piece set)

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An extension of our Award Winning Cat and Bear Eco-conscious bamboo bowls, these Reindeer inspired ears are the perfect gifting item for the holiday season. 

The bowls are for many types of food (it's deep enough); cereals, soups, snacks, fruits and many more.The bowl bottom is lined with a red colored silicon ring for anti-slip to minimize spills. Light-weighted but durable material makes the bowls remarkably safe for kids. 

For you, the Adults, we love that this modern, under-toned dark gray and ivory color blends nicely with any decor. They are BPA free so that you can microwave and put them in the dishwasher without any worry. Made from Eco-conscious bamboo.

Color: Red, Green

Dimensions:140*146*56 mm 

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