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Founded by Manon and Quentin, a couple of parents of 4 girls, Poudre Organic was born in 2014, when they were looking for comfortable, sustainable, eco-friendly clothing for their tribe on a budget. As you can imagine, they couldn't quite meet all the criteria. So they embarked on the adventure, and started with onesies, then swaddling clothes, a few blouses, and now it's from head to toe that Poudre Organic dresses the whole family's daily life. 

Ethical fashion, at last

All their clothes are made in Portugal, in a human-sized workshop, where they know the name of each seamstress. They also take great care in the choice of their materials: they only use only organically grown cotton, GOTS and OEKO-TEX certified, as well as linen and recycled materials, which are less energy consuming. They believe that it is time to change fashion, really. 

Their shops

They are very happy to welcome you in their three addresses:

In Paris in the heart of the shopping district of the new Château d'Eau, in their showroom of Auxerre in the superb and historical Passage Manifacier and in the heart of Morvan, in the city center of Avallon.


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