Collection: La petite collection

The idea is to design the basic items of the 0-6 years old kids wardrobe. Each style comes in several colours and real Liberty of London. Styles are designed to be worn as long as possible by rolling the sleeves, having wide and comfortable fittings. As I'm a mother of 3 now, I pay a great attention to the care instruction and make sure our collection is easy to wash and practical to wear.

Our fabrics are beautiful and qualitative : 100% cotton, 100% linen, cotton/cashmere or merinos...We take care at the softness of our products especially for little ones. Prints are real Liberty of London and yet we thrive us to get an affordable price.

The clothing collection is made in Mauritius, Iqbal in blue at the right works with his son, in charge of production and his daughter Zaahirah (in black on the left) who organise our productions :she develops the samples according to our instructions, she orders the thread needed for the production and check we sent her the right amount of labels to start the making.

We chose to make 100% of our clothing collection in Mauritius because we think it's important to maintain a tight relationship with this family who is taking care of our production since the first season.

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