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Helly Hansen’s DNA is forever intertwined with water. The brand was founded by a sea captain in 1877 working on the Norwegian Fjords. To this day Helly Hansen continues to provide professional grade gear for use on water and snow around the world.

Our love and dependency on water has led us to focus on preserving and conserving water as our leading sustainability effort.

We are prepared to lead the way forward, together with our professionals, customers, partners and colleagues. We are setting out to ensure we are creating a positive impact helping the world's water stay as clean as the Norwegian fjords.

Our mission is to have a focused sustainability effort, which is result-oriented and has a holistic and scientific approach to help conserve and preserve water.

We will reduce our own negative impact, conserve and protect nature and advocate for the outdoors with a focus on water as well as ensuring we are in no way undermining people and the planet to flourish.

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