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We have come a long way since the small gift shop in North Hatley but one thing’s for certain, we continue to place a heavy premium on trust. We deeply value the connections and trusting relationships we have built over the years with our employees, our suppliers and our customers located all over the world. We work really hard to make sure every decision we make is the right one. It matters not just to us, but to our customers, to the communities we’re involved with and serve, as well as the environment.

Every single organization that is involved in making our children’s organic cotton pajamas are fully GOTS (Global Organic Textiles Standard) Certified. From the organic cotton farm and the seeds and fertilizers it uses (which are both non-GMO too), to the ginning houses (where cotton and seeds are separated), on to the spinning and textile mills, to where the cotton is dyed, cut and sewn into the comfy pajamas you love so much, each of these organizations are GOTS certified. And what’s more, we could not have done this without having become certified as well - which Hatley now is!

As the organic cotton apparel industry grows, so too do the certification requirements for the use of organic cotton labels. We chose GOTS because it’s the most recognized, certifiable and comprehensive standard for organic cotton in the world.

As a family business, what particularly drew us to GOTS is that it factors in environmental and social issues in its certification process. When you buy a pair of our fully GOTS certified pajamas, it means that not only are you purchasing a high quality organic cotton garment, but you are also helping to further reduce the amount of water and energy required to make them, to eliminate toxic chemical contamination and carcinogen exposure to workers, to improve soil health and integrity which in turn is great for the farming industry and to increase ethical employment, locally and throughout all the different organization that have a hand in making our pajamas.

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