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While breastfeeding is now a couple's affair, the bottle industry is still traditionally a man's domain. The first infant container designed entirely by a mother, the BibRond revolutionizes in every way the gentle world of the little ones...

The baby bottle is finally changing its genre to become part of the daily life of families!

Concerned about building an ethical and aesthetic universe made to measure for her three children, Allison Piraud, founder of the brand Élhée, naturally rethought the baby bottle beyond its sole function, to reinforce the emotional and sensory dimension of this very first object of affection.

If, like many women, she alternated between breastfeeding and bottle feeding, the idea of innovating in this area became obvious to her as soon as her eldest child started feeding. Jaded by her experiences with broken glass containers and skeptical about the safety of new plastics, Allison opted for the safety of young children.

Surrounded by industrial partners and experts committed to the same demanding approach, Allison tested dozens of prototypes to arrive at an exceptional final result. From the absolute sanity of the material, to the innovative format of the object and its irreproachable finishes in terms of ergonomics and practicality.

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