There's a whole story to Du Pareil au même: that of a theatre designer who found the world of children's clothes dull and boring.

A man from the creative stage, and full of imagination, he opened a discount clothing store and started to design a radically different range. From his very simple desire to create fun and colourful clothes, he raised the curtain on a new world with a strong personality: our first boutique called Du Pareil au même was opened in 1986.

The Du Pareil au même brand has been in French children’s wardrobes for more than 30 years. It has revolutionised the market, and today it still champions a new vision of children’s clothing, with its brightly coloured clothes, its unique motifs, its exceptional details and its great quality at a small price!

It's a universal brand: clothes for every occasion, from newborns to tweens, from head to toe.

A happy, playful brand: clothes that mean joy, surprises, bright colours and a sense of humour.

A brand that means freedom : inspired by everything, free of conventions to create original designs; a brand that renews itself and lets everyone put together their own look.
But most of all, a brand that is on the side of children, that adopts their point of view: in sync with their tastes, their desires, their daily life, the things they love and live; a brand that respects their personality, and in which they feel good.

We have a long history at Du Pareil au même: now it’s up to your children to make theirs. Du Pareil au même: what children love.

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