Sustainable Packaging and Gift Wrap

Sustainable Packaging and Gift Wrap

Sustainability is a core value for us at Boutique Mini-Cycle, yet we still need to package up your orders and most of us will do some sort of wrapping of gifts during the Holiday season. Thankfully we have options to make gift wrapping less harmful to the Planet, with the added benefit of saving money!

Our Minimal Packaging

When you order from Mini-Cycle, your order will always be packed and shipped in the most sustainable method possible. Every order is assembled with a small piece of natural kraft paper, which can be recycled or composted. That kraft paper is sealed with a compostable sticker printed by No Issue using vegetable ink. We include a compostable thank you note, also written in vegetable ink by Sobezone. Finally the whole package will be shipped in a Better Packaging Co. compostable mailer and sealed with a compostable shipping label from Elevate Packaging. We went to great lengths to assure that our packaging has no plastic because we know it matters to you as much as to us. 

Local Shoppers Save More!

Online shopping is our reality in 2020, but we'll always love how shopping local saves on the carbon emissions of jet fuel and post transport, as well as additional packaging. Local shoppers are encouraged to forego all forms of packaging by bringing their own bags. As a thank you, we offer 10% off all in-store purchases until December 23rd.

Mini-Cycle Gift Wrap

Are you sending a gift this year through Mini-Cycle? We're delighted to send your purchases wrapped sustainably and beautifully to their recipient on your behalf! For a small fee, our team will wrap your purchase in a Compostable Gift Wrap which comprises of :

  • craft paper
  • natural string
  • plant or fruit decoration (depending on the season)
  • branded sticker (compostable too!!)
  • greeting card (compostable also!!!) 

At-home Options

Did you know that most wrapping papers and bags are not recyclable? Any bag or paper that has glitter, shine, or texture is not recyclable, nor are generic ribbons and tape. The good news is that sustainable gift wrap is often free and you probably already have the materials needed in your home! 

source: Canvassimo

We love re-using the packaging paper from online orders, old newspapers, or even the pages of old books to wrap gifts. If yesterday's news isn't festive enough for you, try adding homemade potato stamps in whatever festive form you like, or having your kids draw pictures on the wrapped gifts. If you really love the look of shiny gift wrap, note that the inside of most chip and cracker bags are shining silver! Just turn the empty bag inside out and wash it to get a shimmery sustainable option. The Japanese wrapping technique Furoshiki adds texture and warmth under the tree. All you need is some spare fabric and to follow the simple steps

source: Pointful Things

Another option is to forgo wrapping gifts altogether and instead plan a scavenger hunt for your children to find them.  If it's good enough for the Easter Bunny, it should be good enough for Santa Claus! Hiding gifts to be found as a treasure may just trump ripping open non-recyclable paper, and you'll build lasting memories too.


The Holidays are the only time of year we give so many gifts, and while wanting these moments to be memorable and festive, remember that these gifts are usually opened in seconds. According to Green Peace, Canadians generate 540,000 tonnes of gift wrapping and shopping bags every year. There is shocking waste every year due to Holiday gift wrapping, and it's needless. This year, give generously but consider the sustainable options for wrapping, or forgoing wrapping altogether. 

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