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Compostable Gift Wrap

Compostable Gift Wrap

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Want to send a shower gift for your friend's new baby on the way, or send a gift to your little niece who lives across the country...?

We have the perfect 100% fully compostable gift wrapping option, right in line with our mission. 

  • craft paper
  • natural string
  • plant or fruit decoration (depending on the season)
  • branded sticker (compostable too!!)
  • greeting card (compostable also!!!)

How is works: 

  • One (1) Gift Wrap = One (1) package of any size. 
  • If you need more than one package, please select the quantity desired and tell us in your cart notes which items need to be wrapped together. 
  • Personalized notes: please add in the cart note section.


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