Loving all the durable swimwear

Loving all the durable swimwear

Finally, the summer season is upon us! The long, hot, sunny days finally offer the opportunity to spend long weekends at the beach or play full afternoons at the pool with the family. For the occasion, we offer a nice selection of swimsuits for your little ones: super cute, practical and durable, these will be perfect for their games and water explorations. 

Here is an overview of our swimwear brands currently available at Mini-Cycle and find out why we love them so much! 


Bobo choses 

The swimsuits offered by the Spanish brand Bobo Choses are colorful, fun and environmentally friendly: made from recycled polyamide (more commonly known as nylon), this textile material normally very polluting, can however be reused. In this way, it allows a saving of natural resources and energy. Recycling them also avoids a lot of waste production.

Les petites natures 

Closer to home, the Quebec brand Les Petites Natures also uses recycled polyamide to make their minimalist swimwear. Available in many colors, their one-piece swimsuit with straps resist against chlorine, sunscreen and oils

Congratulations to Bobo Choses and Les Petites Natures for this great initiative!



Like Bobo Choses and Les Petites Natures, New York-based brand Œuf offers swimwear made from recycled materials (recycled nylon). Made in Peru, these swimsuits are made from plastic waste, recovered from the Mediterranean Sea. A nice way to give a second life to some of the waste found in the oceans!

Zulu & Zephyr  

 For its part, the Australian company Zulu & Zephyr is committed to making swimwear from ECONYL, a material made from recycled nylon.This material comes from old fishing nets found in the oceans, or from landfill sites.   When these wastes are recovered, they are then  gets regenerated to their original nylon form In addition, Econyl is Oeko-tex certified, which means that no chemicals are used during the manufacturing process.



From Denmark, Miniature swimsuits are made from recycled polyester.  Nylon and recycled polyester have similar properties, because they are both derived from a petroleum-based chemical process. However, nylon is considered more elastic than polyester.

They are made entirely from plastic bottles found in the oceans. Also, this material protects against UV radiation


Daily Brat 

Like their Danish counterpart,  Daily Brat also make their swimwear from recycled polyester, with protection against the sun. In addition to looking great, they are practical and safe!


Liewood swimwear is made from recycled polyester. The fabric also protects against UV rays. Also, for every meter of fabric used to make the swimwear, 35 PET bottles were recycled. Using recycled PET instead of new PET reduces the amount of raw oil used, ultimately sparing the earth's scarce resources.

Illoura the label

Illoura le label's undershirts are made from ECONYL, which, as we said before, is made from plastic and fishing nets found in the oceans! In addition to being ecofriendly, it is also durable and does not pilling. It's also SPF 50 and chlorine and sunscreen resistant.

To help you make a choice if you are interested in purchasing a swimsuit for your child, here is a small summary of their different features! 


In summary ...

Here is a table showing all the points covered above. We choose all our swimwear based on eco-friendliness of their fabric and durability (proven through our Re-Cycle program or based on the confection or the fabric) which is always a good thing when you guarantee to buy back everything you sell :) 


 Don't forget to check out our Re-Cycle section, with our pre-loved swimwear just as perfect for swimming days (and many of them, new and prevoloved, are currently on sale!). We also offer other "beach'' items, such as towels and hats

The Mini-Cycle team wishes you a great summer!

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