Introducing Happymess

Introducing Happymess

This season we've started carrying Happymess, a textiles and accessories brand from Poland that shares our core values of sustainability, GOTS-certified materials, and durability for a long life of hand-me-downs.

Happymess sews everything in the European Union, which has much higher standards for safety, quality, and human rights than most other parts of the world. Right on their labels you can see the materials used and what they're for. We love this transparency! 

We knew right away that Happymess was a brand we'd want in the shop, both for their ethics in production and their bright and fun style. The colourways in the Happymess blankets are rich and playful - the perfect accent to any nursery. We added the Vichy blanket to our neutral shop nursery and it livened up our space so much. Available in blueberry cream, blush mint, blue mist, and sorbet.  

Their hooded blankets are so cute, featuring llama, koala and lion ears, or classic pom poms in ocean blue and dreamy rose. The organic cotton allows skin to breathe, and the hood and hand pockets make it a fun blanket to wear and cuddle.

The Waffle Blanket plays the dual roles of bedding and beach towel - you choose! Made of soft linen to replace your child's duvet for warmer nights, and quick drying for outdoor use. We appreciate the multi-tasking options and the durability and longevity of linen. Available in lavender, sky blue, sage, cinnamon, blueberry.  

This is a new brand for us, but we're sure to see it in our Re-cycle program in the years to come. We hope you enjoy discovering these new products as much as we do!

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