Green is the New Black Friday

Green is the New Black Friday

As shop owners and environmentalists, we walk a fine line during high seasons of shopping and we know as like-minded and conscious consumers, you feel the tension as well.   

Buy What You Need and They'll Wear

We truly believe we're offering the best of new and pre-loved clothing and children are in constant need of larger clothing to fit their beautiful growing bodies. So while we're aware that less is more, and fashion waste is an enormous blight for our planet, we know there is a genuine need for clothing and shoes for every family. 

We're minimalists and careful consumers too, so we will not be encouraging you to buy what you don't need or your child won't wear. That's why we carefully select our items to be made from organic cotton, which kids find most comfortable. Simply put, our clothes are the softest and warmest! 

Instead of encouraging needless buying, we're offering a discount to make environmentally conscious shopping more accessible to more families. Buying organic clothing from sustainable brands can be cost prohibitive, so we try to offer discounts from time to time to be inclusive. Black Friday is one such time. Unfortunately, Black Friday has become synonymous with over-spending and over-buying. Please, approach our Green is the New Black Friday differently.

Think Before You Shop

Buy what your child needs and will wear, and think carefully about their needs for next season. Are their rain boots going to last until Spring? Will their leggings be too short come mid-winter? What clothes can be handed down from older siblings and friends, and what do you need to buy new? Have a look at our Pre-loved shop first and see what can be bought second-hand. When in doubt, our new collections are always guaranteed to be durable and sustainable, and we promise to buy it back from you when you're finished, so keep the cycle going. 

Capsule Wardrobes

Young children especially have a knack for creating dirty laundry. Despite the need to wash their clothing regularly, most of us still have far more than our kids really need in their closets. We recommend a capsule wardrobe approach to keep things reasonable and prevent over-buying. Every family will have their own limits, but here are some suggestions for a winter capsule wardrobe by age:

0-24 months: 6 footed pyjamas + 3 comfortable pants/leggings + 6 long sleeve body suits (or shirts) + 3 short sleeve body suits (or t-shirts) + 3 comfortable sweatshirts/sweaters + 1-2 pairs soft booties/slippers + 1 pair outdoor boots +any special items such as a dress or Christmas sweater 

2-4 years: 4 footed pyjamas + 2 two-piece pyjamas + 4 comfortable pants/leggings + 6 long sleeve shirts + 4 short sleeve shirts + 3 sweaters or sweatshirts + 1-2 pairs soft booties/slippers + 1 pair outdoor boots + 1 pair indoor shoes + any special items such as a dress, skirt, collared shirt, Christmas sweater

4-6 years: 4 pyjamas of any style + 4 comfortable pants/leggings + 1 jeans + 6 long sleeve shirts + 4 short sleeve shirts + 3 sweaters or sweatshirts + 1 pair outdoor boots + 1 pair indoor shoes + any special items such as a dress, skirt, collared shirt, Christmas sweater

7-12 years: 3-4 pyjamas of any style + 4 comfortable pants/leggings + 2 jeans + 6 long sleeve shirts + 4 short sleeve shirts + 4 sweaters or sweatshirts +  pair outdoor boots + 1 pair indoor shoes + any special items such as a dress, skirt, collared shirt, Christmas sweater

Have a look at your child's wardrobe and the clothing you have set aside for them next season. If the capsule wardrobe you decide on is complete, then let this sale pass you by. If you see some gaps then this is a great time to fill them! 

Our goal as a business is to prevent fashion waste and provide sustainable clothing options to more families, and we hope this Green is the New Black sale helps more of you make the choice to shop with these values.  


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