We know that with Fall just around the corner comes the fun (or dreaded) closet clean out. This year we would like to help you make the most of it! Last year's Fall clothes, mid-season jackets or raincoats, winter coats, we will take it all while offering a little more in return with our month-long Fall clean-out promotion.


Mini-Cycle is a circular kids fashion platform that allows you to buy, sell continuously in an effort to decrease the impact the fashion industry has on the environment and societies surrounding their production. 

Mini-Cycle guarantees to buy back any item you have purchased on its online platform, no questions asked, whether your pieces are broken or not.

Our objective is to make durable fashion more accessible and your investment in our platform helps achieving this goal.


(Aug 24 to Sept 24)

Between August 24 and September 24, get an extra 10% of your total payout amount for all your Preloved items. And as an extra thank you, get a code for a 10% discount on your next Mini-Cycle purchase.

A general question that we get often at Mini-Cycle is:

 How does your Re-Cycle Program work?

Our Re-Cycle program was designed to be as easy as possible with the technology accessible to us. It was designed to give you the highest pay back possible while still being able to operate a business in a healthy way.

Here it is simply:

  1. Check our list of BRANDS WE LOVE, if your pieces are part of the list, no need to send us pictures, simply get your free shipping label here (Canada Only).
  2. If your pieces are not in the list of brands we love*, send us your pictures at recycle@mini-cycle.com. *Note that we do not accept pieces that contain man-made and synthetic fabrics. We also do not accept pieces from fast fashion brands e.g.: Zara, Children’s Place, Gap, Old Navy, etc. for durability and ethics reasons.
  3. Ship your items for free:
    • From Canada, simply bring your package to the post office with your shipping label number or print yourself and drop it off in a mailbox.
    • From the US and International: request your shipping label at recycle@mini-cycle.com
  4. Upon reception of your parcel, you will receive a confirmation email the next business day and your receipt with payout options 2 to 3 weeks later.
  5. Payout options:
    • Full amount in Mini-Cycle gift card (no expiry date, can be used on everything)
    • 10% less in cash (PayPal transfer) 

How much will I get for my pieces?

  • For New Items, 25% of the original retail price.
  • For Like New items, 25% of the original value if from our BRANDS WE LOVE list. Less for other brands.
  • For Preloved items, 16% of the original value if from our BRANDS WE LOVE list. Less for other brands.
  • For Well Loved items, 12 % of the original value if from our BRANDS WE LOVE list. Less for other brands.

Example* item with an Original Retail Price: $100


Mini-Cycle Resale Price





Like New  $50  $25


Well Loved



* This table applies to our list of brands we love only and does not account for the Fall Clean Out promotion which will be added on top of your final payout. 


  • If items are stained, your payout will be divided by two, unless it is a stain that cannot be washed and would be acceptable to a buyer.
  • If items are broken and need repair, you will receive between 5 to 10% of a regular payout. (Usually these amounts are pretty low, they are more symbolic to thank you for sending back your broken pieces and for trusting us in knowing how to refurbish or up-cycle them).
  • Deduct 10% on each piece when cash is selected.
  • Original value is based on item’s full original value (not the amounts previously paid, not the amount when item is on sale). This means that buying Re-Cycle items and reselling them is worth it!
    • Example: Original Value is $100; you buy it Preloved for $30. When you bring it back to Mini-Cycle, we will give you back between $16 and $12 for the piece. This means you paid very little in the end for that piece you bought preloved. 

We hope this helps a little more with the whole circular system.

If you have any questions, drop an email to recycle@mini-cycle.com or send us a direct message on our Re-Cycle social media platforms: Instagram or Facebook. We love preloved and we are always happy to help with any questions you may have.


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