Eliminating Fashion Waste with 'Rescues'

Eliminating Fashion Waste with 'Rescues'

You may have noticed if you're browsing our site that we have three categories for the clothing we sell - Pre-cycle, Rescues, and Re-Cycle.

Pre-cycle, being the new and latest collections from our favourite sustainable brands, Re-Cycle, bring the pre-loved items we buy back from our clients when they're finished with them (often the same items we sell new, or other durable and ethically made brands from the list of BRANDS WE LOVE), and the curious category of Rescues

Rescues are another rung in the ladder of sustainable fashion that we're excited to climb.


Ever wonder what happens to the excess stock held by brands or boutiques? This stock becomes dead stock! That’s right, it completely loses its value, from a financial point of view.

Mini-Cycle wants to make sure to minimize fashion waste, and to also make durable fashion more accessible to all.

This is where a Rescue program comes in handy! It helps brands and boutiques part with their over-stock in a meaningful way, it helps Mini-Cycle achieve its mission in making durable fashion more accessible to all, and helps customers like you to build a durable closet for your little one without necessarily breaking the bank.


Rescues are over-stock items from the brands we already love and support, bought from the brands themselves or other stockists who either no longer carry the brand or are themselves closing. They may be a season or two old, but are otherwise brand new with tags and in perfect condition, yet sold at a fraction of the original price. Examples of brands we've recently receives in our Rescues section are Petit Bateau, Petit Indi, Condor, Sem Label, and Red Caribou and always more to come!

Picture: Newly received white cardigan in organic cotton from Petit Bateau. Original Price $75, now in Rescues for $40. 

Shopping Rescues is the best of both the Pre-cycle and Re-cycle worlds, as the price points are more accessible, yet the quality is as high as you'd expect from the brands we carry.


We're proud to offer these three options for parents seeking out durable and sustainable clothing for their kids, and in the ways this effort will further reduce fashion waste. 

*If you're a sustainable brand or a stockist looking to part with some stock in a meaningful way, contact us at wholesale@mini-cycle.com , we will be happy to assess your stock and see if there is a fit for us to help.

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