Eliminating Fashion Waste: Ouistitine x Mini-Cycle

Eliminating Fashion Waste: Ouistitine x Mini-Cycle

If you've been a customer of ours for any length of time, you know that we are passionate, if not obsessed, about sustainable fashion and eliminating clothing waste. Did you know that we also have a refurbished clothing section (Up-Cycle)? In fact, this section offers many garments and accessories that are modified through embroidery, fabric reuse, etc.

By selling durable brands, we encourage hand-me-downs, which we guarantee to buy back from our clients for our Pre-Loved shop. The circular economy continues as customers buy used clothing from us, and it's our goal that all of our items would come back five times or more. We don't reject clothing that's in need of mending or stain removal, either. In those cases we put in extra TLC or repurpose the item to the best of our ability. 

This is where Montreal-based Ouistitine has become a kindred spirit. We're a proud stockist of this local small business, selling their hand-made puppets and rattles made from recycled fabric. Now we've partnered in a more significant way by providing them with fabric for their creations! When a garment has reached its maximum lifespan (i.e. can no longer be resold) and is made of sturdy, natural material, we pass it on to Ouistitine to work their up-cycle transformation magic.  

Above, seven teddy bears were born from this Bobo Choses sweater, which was unfortunately very stained at the bottom of the piece, following an exceptional life! Therefore, the sweater could not be resold in its original form. However, due to its composition, organic cotton, the sweater's fabric was ideal for this Up-Cycle project.

Above these Oeuf NYC knit pants had a big hole in them that was difficult to repair discreetly, and most importantly, the handmade fabric deserved to be revalued at its true value! Four teddy bears in total were born out of the pants.  

So far out of this partnership teddy bears, bunny rattles and pig and bunny puppets were created. We once sold these sweaters and pyjamas as Pre-Cycle (aka new), then in our Re-Cycle shop (aka secondhand several times over), and now they've been given a third life thanks to Ouistitine. This partnership and conservation delights us to no end! 

We hope you'll have a look at the adorable creations from Ouistitine in the shop this week, and that you will be inspired by the fact that the fabric has lived many lives and avoided ending up sadly in the garbage!

Thank you for your participation in the circular economy and for investing in Mini-Cycle to continue its mission! Happy Earth Day!

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