Cheers to Moms of All Kinds + an Exciting Announcement and Giveaway!

Cheers to Moms of All Kinds + an Exciting Announcement and Giveaway!

We want to wish you all a happy Mother's Day and acknowledge the women raising the next generation of caring, brave, brilliant and creative humans. 

No matter how you came to motherhood, or what role you play in a child's life, this is your day. Mothers, aunties, step-moms, teachers, babysitters, and mothers - where would our world be without you? 

Motherhood caught some of us by surprise or was the fulfillment of months or years of anticipation. Others of us are waiting for motherhood to be as tangible in our families as it already is in our hearts. We see you and hope with you. 

To every woman working towards and engaging in the tireless, selfless, and beautiful work of mothering, we say thank you!


We love helping moms in their zero-waste journey by buying back their used clothing and providing a place where they can buy pre-loved, quality clothing at an affordable price. We know that not every mom has time to scour thrift shops or the budget to buy the most sustainable brands, yet kids just keep growing don't they? The need for new clothing is constant, even with the most minimalist of lifestyles, and we love that we can offer a solution that honours the time and budget of the moms in our community while remaining committed our zero-waste goals.

In keeping with these values, we're excited to announce that we will now be accepting women's clothing in our circular economy! Any women's clothing by brands we already sell new (see list here) will be accepted in our Re-cycle program and available for sale in our Pre-loved shop. Selling us your pre-loved clothes will work just as it does for children's clothes - see the simple process here.   


If you have pieces from the same brands that we already sell new, send them over for free (we pay for all shipping labels from you to us)! We are looking for brands such as Bobo Choses, Summer and Storm, Tinycottons, The Simple Folk, etc. 

In addition, as a bonus to help start things off, we are offering a $1 discount code for each women's clothing item received between May 9th-16th!

* Make sure to register to our email list for sellers to get any information on our promotions, and buy-back details. 




Finally, to celebrate Mother's Day and moms of all kinds, we're teaming up with two women-run small businesses to offer a great giveaway. We're offering a giveaway along with Eve Gravel and Les Belles Combines to shower one lucky woman with gifts for her and a little one in her life. This giveaway includes a $100 gift card to Mini-Cycle, a $100 gift card to Les Belles Combines, and a $200 gift card to Eve Gravel. Find all the contest rules here, and enter to win here.



Good luck and enjoy your day, Moms!

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