(Under Construction)

This is the end of the Mini-Cycle loop. Buy second-hand items that were previously sold by Mini-Cycle* to parents like you. Because Mini-Cycle buys back items that were only purchased in its store, we can guarantee quality control in terms of brands, but also maintain the look that you will be used to finding when shopping at Mini-Cycle. 

All items here are "New with Tag", "Like New" or "Gently Used". Items will be  identified and priced as such. 

* Since this is the beginning of Mini-Cycle's journey, for a limited time, we are buying clothes from third parties to make sure to have a good selection under our "Re-Cycle" collection. The brands and quality of the products were chosen as per Mini-Cycle's guidelines. Please contact us at if you would like to #jointheminicycle and trade-in your clothes for store credit or cash.