Haven Kids


One of the main reason we decided to carry Haven Kids is style. The little Meadow Dress has been one of our all time favourite and is very popular with moms.

That being said, there is a lot more to Haven Kids than style. The company's mission is aligned with our philosophy of being kind to the planet while offering comfort to our children.

Haven Kids' fabric of choice is bamboo. There are many reasons why bamboo is a good option. It is super soft, it is great for sensitive skins, it doesn't get stinky, it is moisture wicking, it's warm yet breathable and it is better for the environment. 

As one of our objective here at Mini-Cycle is to reuse the clothes many times, we have done some tests with Haven Kids clothes to make sure the confection and fabric would withstand use. We have worn the clothes on holiday, at the beach, in the sand, in the forest, washed, de-stained and dried in the dryer. The clothes have been withstanding a harsh treatment and for this reason we can say with confidence that Haven Kids also fits well with our commitment towards durability. 

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