Our Zero Waste Black Friday Sale

This Black Friday we have been torn between participating in this worldwide sales event or not. Our goal as a zero-waste retailer is to decrease the impact fast fashion has on the environment. Too often Black Friday is associated with over-consumption and we would hate to contribute to it. 

On the other hand, our mission at Mini-Cycle is to make ethical-durable kids’ fashion more accessible to all, and this is our opportunity to do so. 

So this Black Friday, please use the discounts offered on our website as a means to buy only what you really need. Try to find preloved items first (we know the pieces go fast!) and then be mindful of what you buy, getting only the bare minimum. 

As a means to help minimize the impact this event has on our beautiful planet, we have decided to donate 10% of our sales to the organisation Amazon Watch because without our Planet’s lungs, we can’t safeguard a future for our children. 

Thanks again for all your support in making circular economy viable, 

Jad xx

* Discount will be applied automatically at checkout and will be valid from now to December 2nd. Cannot be combined with any other discount code, but applies on items on sale. Free shipping over $50. 

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