Valentine's Day for the Parent

Valentine's Day for the Parent

Yes, today is for lovers, but parenting is a love story for the ages.

We often ask ourselves, did we fully understand love before we had our children? Our partners and lovers of course bring beauty and joy to our lives, but parenting is such a unique love and one that truly forms the parent forever.

What other relationship embodies so much connection? So much physical suffering and sacrifice for the wellbeing of another? Have we given as much of ourselves to anyone else as we have to our children? What wouldn't we do for them?

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We see you parents. You're up in the night feeding your new born, hoping an extra coffee will help stave off the fatigue. You're down on the floor playing trains with your toddler, despite a hundred other pressing tasks. You're wiping away tears from a scraped knee or broken heart. You're counseling your tween through the intricacies of friendship breakups. You're savouring their hugs at every age and smelling their hair and wanting to freeze time. We see your love. And it's stunning.

Happy Valentines Day to you. The world is better because of your love. 


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