Sustainable living - balance and awareness! by Happy Mess (a brand we love at Mini-Cycle!)

Sustainable living - balance and awareness! by Happy Mess (a brand we love at Mini-Cycle!)

We recently read an article from the blog of  Happy Mess, a brand we really like at Mini-Cycle! It explains why it's important to make sustainable choices when it comes to the clothes we choose to buy and  why some fibers are more eco-friendly than others. 

As we share the same values as Happy Mess, we decided to share their publication , so that you can read it too. Enjoy!



SUSTAINABLE LIVING is becoming more and more popular. Environmental awareness is growing among us, and that's why our choices are more thoughtful. We pay more and more attention to how we buy, what we buy and what a given product was made of. The whole thought applies to many areas of human life, but in this article we will focus on the materials that we use in our products. We want to explain you why it's so important that you will find only natural raw materials with us.



A few words about the classification of fabrics

There are three types of fabrics: natural, artificial and synthetic.

Natural ones are obtained from plant, animal or mineral sources. These types of fabrics include wool, cotton, silk, linen and leather. This is what we focused on when creating our collections. Obtaining materials for the production of clothes in a natural way has been known to mankind for a very long time. Natural fibers are characterized by high durability and a wide range of use. Some of their features are still very difficult to obtain in technological processes, which gives the advantage of being natural!

Artificial fibers, the raw material of which are natural ingredients, are later chemically treated. This is how we get viscose or lyocell.
Artificial fabrics, despite their misleading name, should not be associated with plastic materials. They are obtained naturally from conifers, and sometimes even deciduous trees, in the form of wood cellulose, and then chemically processed to create the material.

On the other hand, synthetic materials are created only in the process of chemical processing in laboratories, and their raw materials cannot be found in nature. When we hear about synthetic fabrics, we think of acrylic, polyester, elastane, nylon and stretch. The basic ingredient used in their production is usually crude oil and its derivatives.

Why is it worth choosing consciously?

First of all, what our clothes are made of is important in terms of wearing, washing, durability and even safety! Especially when we are talking about clothes and accessories for children. Children's skin is sensitive and delicate, its outer layer is 20% thinner than that of an adult, and therefore less resistant.

The feeling of discomfort, freshness, moisture and the resulting allergic changes or redness - these are the effects of artificial and synthetic fibers on our skin. They stop the natural processes of our body and the child's body.

Second, durability! Of course, all clothes, regardless of the type of material, wear out during their use, but by choosing natural fabrics, we can extend this period. Items made of synthetic or artificial fibers tend to deteriorate when washed, shrinked, puffed, burned when ironed or simply worn out after a short time of use. Clothes made of organic cotton or linen do not lose their color and form so quickly. Thanks to this, we do not have to part with our favorite things too quickly or we can pass them on, which we encourage you to do.

Third, no less important aspect is the environment. Production damage goes without saying. Chemical processes applied to artificial and synthetic materials pollute the planet. However, it is worth paying attention to the negative impact of these clothes also after their purchase. With each wash, fiber particles remain in the water, which later end up in the oceans, rivers, seas and other bodies of water that are home to certain species of animals and plants, poisoning them.

Natural Choices at Happymess

It goes without saying that we produce clothes, textiles and accessories for children. Taking care of the good of all small explorers, we attach great importance to what we produce. We want to create in harmony with nature, and in harmony with all children and their parents who trusted us!

Organic cotton, sheep wool, merino wool, linen or leather - these are the materials that make up the world of Happymess. Each of them has its own properties, unique advantages that are reflected in our products and their application. When creating beach and bath accessories, we use linen, which is light, creates the best microclimate for the skin and perfectly absorbs moisture. It has the highest absorbency of all natural fibers, can absorb up to 25% of its weight and does not feel wet.

When we hear about ORGANIC SLEEP, we know that we can boast of sheep wool that fills our pillows and sleeping bags. When designing the future winter collection, we decided to use merino wool. It comes from a special breed of Australian sheep that inhabit the mountainous areas of… New Zealand. Merino is a very dense wool, but its fibers are fine and delicate. It works great in minus temperatures, which is why it will be perfect for the production of hats, sweaters and winter accessories.

However, when we want to create comfortable clothes for every day full of adventures, not only for winter, then organic cotton is perfect. The quality of the organic cotton we use is confirmed by the GOTS (Global Organic TextileStandard) certificate. By choosing fabrics with this certificate, you choose natural and ecological cotton cultivation. You can be sure that no chemical processes have been used during their production, and thus you support the environment and take care of your skin and your child's skin!

The quality of our products and fabrics is also confirmed by other certificates, such as OEKO-TEX or Mulesing Free Certificate. Thanks to them, you can be sure that the materials are natural and obtained in a way that is compatible with nature. All fabrics that are not chemically treated are more durable, safer, "breathable" and, above all, comfortable and good for our planet.


Conscious selection of materials has a positive effect not only on the Earth's ecosystem, but also on us. Every parent wants the best and safest way for their children, so it's worth checking the label before buying it. 

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