Sticky Lemon Boots and Bags for Spring!

Sticky Lemon Boots and Bags for Spring!

One of our favourite brands for shoes and accessories, Sticky Lemon, is back in the shop featuring some adorable and durable pieces for Spring. 

We love Sticky Lemon's used of recycled PET bottles for all of their bags and natural rubber for boots. These choices ensure that their products are long lasting, water proof, and environmentally friendly. 


This year we are offering two styles of rubber boots, both with retro colours that parents will love and cute lemon detailing for the kids. Retro Yellow and Caramel Fudge has a pale pink stripe up the back and Seventies Green and Sky Blue features black spots and dashes. They fit slightly large, so size down if you're between sizes. 

Sticky Lemon has a range of fanny packs this year for on-the-go storage. Made with recycled materials and the bold colour blocking you'd expect from Sticky Lemon, they are such a statement! 

We pair their rubber boots with Faire Child rain gear or Miniature soft shell suits for the cutest, driest Spring style!

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