Passionate About Durable Footwear

Passionate About Durable Footwear

When we gave our guarantee to buy back everything purchased from Mini-Cycle, this also meant we made a requirement for ourselves - that we would only sell the most long-lasting, durable brands.

The Mini-Cycle buy-back program gives a second life to previously worn clothing, which must be durable and environmentally friendly. These requirements are even more important with the shoes we sell, as they wear out much faster than some clothes.  We therefore want them to be worn as long as possible. 

When selecting brands, we pay particular attention to the following elements: the durability of the product, the comfort , the materials used and the style, which must be timeless. DonsjeGlerups HappymessLiewood, Native, Petit Nord, Sticky Lemon and Veja shoes, boots and slippers have met our requirements in this regard. 

Read on to find out why we love these brands ...


Natives are an absolute classic for durability, neutrality, and versatility. Our kids wear these in splash pads, to the park, to school, and even dress them up. A great option for capsule wardrobes as one shoe can cover the gamut of activities and styles.  

They are also made from rubber and EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate), a material made of elastomeric polymer, which gives flexibility to the shoes.Plus, their popular Jefferson  model is odor resistant, hand washable, impact resistant and lightweight! 

We accept every model of Native Shoes in our Re-cycle program as they have proven to be very durable. 


This Dutch brand carefully chooses materials that are natural and soft to the touch. Their leathers and other materials feel incredible against a baby or child's skin. Also, the brand uses leather with natural dye: replacing synthetic dye, which is harmful to the environment and health. These practices make the shoes  biodegradable, non-allergenic, and non-toxic .

In addition, several "types" of natural dyes (plant-based derivatives, flowers, etc.) have antimicrobial properties. Also, looking at the entire production process the processing of natural dye generally produces less to no waste.

Their European quality and timeless style are an added bonus! 


Liewood's mission is to create products that will last generations. In keeping with their Danish roots, Liewood is minimalist, playful, modern, and neutral.

Their shoes are produced under controlled, safe and fair conditions and they do not compromise on either employment or environment. Also, the materials used for their products are in conformity with the standards of the European Union, which have the highest environmental and social (human rights) standards in the world.  

Their Bre and Monty sandals are beloved by customers every summer!


Veja shoes are ethically and ecologically grounded and the company believes in leading by example. The brand deals directly with its organic cotton producers located in Peru and Brazil by fixing the price of cotton annually (signing an annual contract) with the producers. Hence, the latter know in advance how much they will earn from their crops.

In addition to ensuring exceptional quality and sustainability, a reduction of intermediaries in the shoe production chain means artisan are paid more for their invaluable work and are offered better work conditions.

Veja also has several environmental certifications (GOTS, B-Certified, etc.). These certifications ensure that the textiles chosen in the manufacture of the product (as well as their treatment and processing) are environmentally friendly. The use of organic fibers and the absence of chemical substances and inputs harmful to human health are also guaranteed. Generally, certification ensures good working conditions for employees involved in the production process.    

We love their fresh styles and respect their convictions!

Petit Nord

These timeless and beautiful shoes are designed to last.

Handmade in Portugal in family-run factories, Petit Nord uses vegetable tanning leather (and they are 100% biodegradable!). In addition, they are 100% chrome-free. The brand is also committed to creating a selection of sandals made from recycled leather, which reduces their waste production.  

When you touch these shoes, you will see the striking difference that their choices make in the finished product. Petit Nord shoes are incredibly soft, supportive, and beautifully made.



Bright and beautiful with a passion for the environment, Happymess sandals are a new favourite of ours! The design is modern and unique with colour blocking and trending hues. Their Menorcan leather sandals are handmade on the island of Menorca, in Spain. which assures us of their exceptional quality and durability.


 (credit: Sticky Lemon)

Sticky Lemon

Their rain boots are made from natural rubber, which means no petrol is used to produce them. More over this natural material tends to create less odour and is more durable. These  will last through several kids and the retro vibes will never go out of style! 

What about the end of life? Natural rubber is made from trees. This means that it it can decompose once the product is discarded (ideally after it has been outworn, and no other parts can be used).

Restocking in in Autumn 2021.

And finally...  

It is also important that the footwear brands we include at Mini- Cycle share the same values and missions as ours: they are also committed to various initiatives for the well-being of the environment (zero waste, circular economy, recycling of their products) and of the community (donations to charities, etc.).   

Our Re-Cycle store is full of these brands, as well as other trusted brands that we regularly buy back from our customers - see what's new this week here! 

We're now buying back women's shoes that meet our high standards for sustainability and viability, so check out our growing collection here. 


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