Sustainable Shipping + the New Free Shipping Minimum

Sustainable Shipping + the New Free Shipping Minimum

Intentional, Sustainable Shipping

At Mini-Cycle, the intention of limiting waste is at the heart of everything we do – even shipping. If you visit us in our Montreal boutique, you’ll see that our shop, warehouse, and offices are all under one roof. It’s here that we create your orders with care, wrapping them in corn-based packaging that will biodegrade in six months and writing a little note of thanks on recycled paper. We truly believe that even these small steps make a difference. Our small-but-mighty team work diligently to send every order within 48 hours, whether you live in rural, remote, or urban areas across North America. 

A New Free Minimum

As a young start up, we put in every effort to spread the word about our Circular Economy, including 15% off for first time customers and a very low free shipping minimum. These steps, along with excellent customer service, free returns, and occasional sales are our way of delighting our customers and hopefully welcoming new first time clients into the Mini-Cycle mentality. However, the ultra-low free shipping minimum is simply too much for our small business to burden long term, particularly with the changes in the shipping landscape these past few years.

The truth is, some orders are so heavy (think shoes!) or shipped so remote (we love you, country mamas!) that we don’t make a penny of profit on the sale. Yet we’re committed to serving those far-off families and providing the best in kidswear - even if it's heavier to ship. For these reasons, starting Thursday, February 3, 2022 every order over $95 will be eligible for free shipping. Setting a $95 minimum may be higher than big box stores can offer, but with our size and values, it makes sense.  In reality, the majority of your purchases are $95 or higher anyway, so this will not affect most people, but for the sake of equality read on for another option.

A Free Shipping Hack

If your order doesn't qualify for free shipping but you're willing to wait, we have a hack for you! Because we truly believe that sustainable fashion should be affordable to everyone, we will always offer the option to merge multiple orders in order to qualify for free shipping. Simply add the product "Merge To Reach Free Shipping" on each purchase, and when your orders culminate to $95 or more, we'll ship your packages right away. Say you buy a Pre-loved sweater one week for $20, then two pairs of socks for $20 the next week, and finally a pair of sandals for $55 the week after that - if you are willing to wait for all three orders to arrive together, you've qualified for free shipping!

We put together a little video to help explain things, if you'd like to see!

If you want to know more, watch the full video to know all about our processes and how to get free shipping!

While Merge To Reach Free Shipping is the way to avoid ever paying for shipping, our favourite way for local families to save is to welcome you into our boutique. We have a clean and safe play area filled with pre-loved toys, books, and comfortable furniture for your little one(s) to enjoy while you browse our latest collections or simply pick up your online purchase. 

We look forward to serving you, or better yet, seeing you soon :)

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