Fresh In: Mille Baby

We are delighted to welcome Mille Baby to the shop just in time for the Winter chill. Designed and hand sewn in Poland, Mille Baby sweaters and winter accessories are both beautiful and incredibly well-made.

Always looking for both style and durability, we've found a kindred spirit in Mille Baby and we're sure you will as well. Most favoured this season are the popcorn sweaters and cardigans, which have a whimsical feel and are sure to be an piece to pass down to siblings and even other generations. Both the classic style and intrinsic quality ensure it! 

We love that every Mille Baby item in our shop is gender neutral, following our cardinal rule that items we sell can always be passed down. The cardigans are adorable buttoned up atop a body suit or dress and the scarves and hats can complement a variety of outerwear and tastes.

Mille Baby is the opposite of fast fashion, taking up to four days to complete one of their handsewn creations. To call Mille Baby sweaters, blankets, and winter accessories "heirloom items" demands that they are made to last and timeless in style - both of which we've found in spades in the Mille Baby 2020 collection. 

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