Fresh In: Fluff Kidswear

Fresh In: Fluff Kidswear

Autumn is here and winter is coming, so if you don't yet have winter wear for your child, you'll want to hear about Fluff.  We are the only stockist in Canada for this ethically-made and beautiful Polish kid's brand. Arriving last week, this collection is made from anti-allergic natural down and comes in baby one-piece suits or coats for big kids.

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As always, we've chosen to carry gender neutral and classic colours in both options. In the shop, we currently carry Black Coffee and Grey Stone for the one-pieces and jackets as well as the Ginger Amber jacket which is the perfect rusty orange hue. We love that these winter jackets are toasty warm without being bulky and interfering with kids' natural movements and adventures. The high quality down and warmth-to-weight ratio guarantee that your little one will stay warm without being hindered. 

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At Mini-Cycle, we always measure quality and style alongside environmental impact, and we love what Fluff is doing to protect our planet. Fluff commits to eco-friendly practices all along the supply chain, whether it's using biodegradable detergents to wash the natural down, choosing down from ethically-raised geese, and using renewable resources in their beautiful coats. 

Get to know Fluff and see our selection here!


Top pictures credit @talulahandme

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