Fresh In: Donsje

Fresh In: Donsje

This winter, we're glad to have Donsje in the shop and on the feet of our little ones! 

The durability and style of these darling boots and booties are why we chose this Dutch brand for our shop. It's not easy finding truly warm boots for real winter conditions that are also beautifully designed. Often parents will even buy one pair of boots for the snow and another for dressier occasions. As minimalists, we love that Donsje boots eliminate the need for more than one pair of winter footwear! These boots will keep your child's feet warm all winter and look adorable in in formal holiday clothes as well.

We love the real leather and luxuriously soft interior and our kids love the playful animal motifs. This year in the shop we're carrying the black ocra, brown bear, and white unicorn boots, so no matter your style we have a neutral tone (and animal friend!) to match it.

Donsje's baby booties are soft yet durable and cover above the ankle. Their children's winter outdoor boots fits at the lower calf and are made with 100% premium leather with a durable rubber sole. The question isn't whether your child's feet will be comfortable and warm but which animal friend they'll choose! 

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