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Discover our collaboration with Maison Tess!

At Mini-Cycle, we like to collaborate with local businesses that have the same values and missions as we do. Below you can read about our collaboration with Maison Tess, a Montreal-based sustainable, versatile and eco-friendly bedding company. The company offers a range of high quality bedding for children and babies, made with the environment in mind: made from natural fibers, these bedding items have a long life span and can be reused over the years, depending on your needs and lifestyle. The principle of reuse and sustainability should extend not only to clothing, but also to household items, which are an integral part of our daily lives.

In short, when it comes to making zero waste a priority, it's never a bad idea to start too early! Find out how you can give a second life to the bedding items offered by Maison Tess:



With their quality sheets, you can create your own cycle of reuse once you have them in your home. Sometimes all it takes is a spark of imagination and a basket once used for toys becomes storage for your favorite skin care products, a bed pillow finds its new home on the living room couch, or a linen sheet that once wrapped your baby becomes the fortified wall of an imaginary castle.


At Mini-Cycle, longevity is just as important. With our Re-Cycle program, it is also possible to give a second life to the clothes worn by your children. We sell new and second life clothing that is durable and comfortable. We are committed to buying back any clothing you purchase from us (new or second hand) at a fair percentage of the estimated resale value. All clothing is given a second life, either by being resold here or by being reused for other purposes. In addition, as needed, we wash, repair or transform these second life pieces for resale on our online platform, allowing a new family to enjoy these pieces and thus complete the Mini-Cycle loop. This method means that well-made, quality products can live again and again


Sprinkling a little creativity into your everyday items by reusing them over and over again will help you set an example for your little ones. And who knows, a soft blanket turned into a picnic tablecloth could be the first (small, but important!) step in adopting a zero waste lifestyle. By showing them how carefully selected and well-made items can last a lifetime, you are slowly but surely paving the way for future generations.

Discover the Maison Tess children's collection here.

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