Up-Cycling to Celebrate Earth Month

Up-Cycling to Celebrate Earth Month

At Mini-Cycle, Earth Month is our favourite time of year! We plan to celebrate all week with different surprises for our circular-economy customers, so stay tuned.

We'll be offering surprise discounts, introducing new sustainable brands, and finding new ways to encourage you to shop Pre-Loved!

Beginning this beautiful week, we'd like to showcase a local brand which we are so proud to support.

Mini-Cycle x Ouistitine

Ouistitine is a Montreal-based small business with a heart for creating unique, minimalist toys from recycled fabrics. All of their eco-friendly toys are handmade in Montreal with dead stock natural fibre fabrics (wool, cotton and linen) that were destined for landfill. We have been carrying Ouistitine rattles, puppets, and toys from the beginning of Mini-Cycle.


Up-Cycling Old Fabrics

This is what gets us really excited! All Ouistitine puppets, toys, and rattles from our SS22 collection are made entirely from fabrics from re-cycled Mini-Cycle clothing! As you know, at Mini-Cycle we offer new (Pre-Cycle) and preloved (Re-Cycle) high quality apparel specifically selected for their durability and their lower impact on the environment, but what happens when somewhere along the Cycle a garment is deemed too damaged to re-sell? These fabrics have been given to Ouistitine to make their adorable fabric animals, lengthening the garments' fabric life even further. 

The Perfect Gift

Every Ouistitine animal is one of a kind, as all hand-made items are. This collection is utterly charming, with whiskers, noses, and eyes threaded on and every little friend created from a previously-loved article of organic clothing. Most of our customers buy the rattles and puppets to complete their baby shower or child's birthday gifts.

With Easter and Spring around the corner, the bunnies are perfect as little presents! The best part is knowing you're gifting something locally made, ethically sourced, and completely unique.

In the Shop

Dropping today in store and on our site, the SS22 collection of Ouistitine, made entirely of Mini-Cycle fabrics, is not one to miss.

For more details on the products, be sure to check-out the following REEL video.

We hope you'll enjoy these darling toys with a history and make many more memories of your own with them.

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