Back-to-School: Discover our Eco-Friendly Backpacks!

Back-to-School: Discover our Eco-Friendly Backpacks!

Even though it is still summer, the weeks are flying by, and many parents have started buying school supplies for their little ones before the rush. You'll be happy to know that we offer backpacks for children that are durable, practical and also very cute! 

Without further ado, check out our durable backpacks from our favorite brands!

Bobo Choses

The Spanish brand Bobo Choses is one of our favorite brands on the team: fun, colorful, creative and always full of surprises! We always look forward to discovering their new collections. For Fall 2021, they are offering two illustrated backpacks that are sure to turn heads in the playground (and their unisex style will appeal to boys and girls alike!). Moreover, these backpacks are made of 100% recycled polyester.

In addition to being pretty, comfortable and original, they are flawlessly eco-friendly!

Do your kids enjoy Bobo Choses as much as we do? To give your little one  a unique backpack, click here to see our selection.


Sticky Lemon

Founded in 2016 in Denmark, Sticky Lemon likes to experiment by creating new colour combinations (accompanied by patterns or illustrations), while giving a nod to retro style! This makes it easy to recognize their "touch", and many of their accessories can please both kids and adults. Their backpacks are made with recycled plastic bottles (PET) for the outside and waterproof nylon for the inside. 

We also have different formats available for daycare (smaller) and elementary school (larger). In short, to add a little "pep" to your kids' outfits and accessories (or for yourself!), these bags are perfect. 

But that's not all! The brand also offers school accessories that are just as cute and fun as their backpacks, like pencil cases and chest straps!

To see our Sticky Lemon bags and accessories, click here 


Rilla Go Rilla

Rilla Go Rilla is a Dutch online platform which allows for designers to create beautiful products and make collaborations between them. Since 2017, Rilla Go Rilla has launched their own collection of backpacks for kids, named "Miss Rilla"! Just like Sticky Lemon, they are also made from recycled PET bottles. Recycling polyester requires much less energy than processing ''new'' polyester. It is therefore important to recycle them, as we are reducing the amount of waste currently circulating on the planet and they can have a new life by being transformed!

Our Rilla backpacks are available on our website, here.




Fluf offers  backpacks and lunch boxes and snack sack that are pretty to look at, practical and easy to use.  Also, their products are made from 100% organic cotton (GOTS certified) and recycled polyester (rPET). The dyes used for the colors are non-toxic, water-based and are also GOTS certified.  They are regularly tested by independent 3rd parties (TÜV, SGS and BV) for toxicity, food-safety & quality to ensure they exceed the highest safety standards in Canada, the US and the EU

And finally, their lunch bags and backpacks can go in the washing machine, which makes our lives much easier. We love Fluf's environmental and ethical initiatives!

Just like Sticky Lemon, we have different sizes available (one for toddlers and one for older kids!). To see our Fluf bags and accessories,  it's over here.


Founded in 2012, Lefrik designs bags, backpacks and travel items made with eco-friendly fabrics. Composed of recycled polyester (Rpet), their products are also certified vegan by the animal protection organization, PETA. Plus, to avoid damage on rainy days (am I the only one who has  found my notebooks and personal belongings in my bag completely soaked after running in the rain?), their bags are also water resistant.

Available in several colours and styles, these versatile backpacks and pencil cases  available our website  will be loved by little and big kids. 


On this note, we wish you a great back to school 2021!



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