A wave of people at the 2018 Zero Waste Festival

A wave of people at the 2018 Zero Waste Festival

Since we are women of action and we were looking for an extra challenge, we offered three events in three consecutive weekends (hahaha!!!) After our official launch at Studio Jabberwocky and our presence at the Maternity and Toddler Fair, we concluded our marathon of autumn events with a theme that is particularly close to our heart: the Zero-Waste Festival.

The festival has, once again this year, been a victim of its success with a wave of people flooding the Bonsecours market. This platform gave us the opportunity to participate in two days of exhibition, which was an extremely enriching experience for our team. We were able to develop relationships with fabulous companies such as Dans le sac and The Unscented Company and met some wonderful people who stopped by! Their words of encouragement and positive feedback have confirmed that Mini-Cycle has its raison d'être and its place in the clothing industry.

So, a big thank you to the organizers of this festival, which offers the opportunity to innovative Quebec companies, such as ours, to make themselves known. 

Thanks to the many festivalgoers who stopped to listen, who shared ideas, who bought and who encouraged us, many of whom waited for over an hour in the cold and rain just to get in!

... A huge thank you to our team, our spouses and all our supporters who back us in this adventure!


With that, we will rest a little to prepare for the fast approaching Montreal Christmas season ... Details to follow shortly ;)

Stay tuned for the announcement of the next edition of the Zero-Waste Festival by following their Facebook page. 

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