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Wool Wrap

Wool Wrap

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A natural and luxurious baby wrap made from Certified Organic Cotton with a removable Australian Wool Inner. The soft cotton is natural and un-dyed, perfect for sensitive newborn skin. Versatile and simple to use, perfect for use in bassinets, cots, prams, while nursing or even as a play mat when out and about.

Ideal for infants from birth to approximately 5 months. Adjustable Velcro allows the wrap to grow with baby. The 100% wool insert helps to regulate baby’s body temperature. Keeping them warm in cooler weather and cool when it’s warmer. Wool is naturally breathable, flame resistant, hypoallergenic and resistant to bacteria, mould and mildew. 


    100% certified organic cotton outer, with light polyester fill in side and head panels and a removable 100% Australian washable Wool inner.

    Please note, the Bundl wrap outer is made from organic cotton which is unbleached, untreated and undyed. As such the material naturally contains minute colour imperfections which are a result of tiny visible flecks of cotton seeds and fibre in the fabric. 


    The wool wrap has been designed with ease and simplicity in mind. Simply lay baby down on the wrap, fold up the wool duvet up to baby’s chest height and fold over the side wings, fastening with the adjustable Velcro to the desired tightness.


    Totally machine washable. Please refer to care tags for washing instructions. 


    To be used on a firm, flat surface.
    Ideal for infants from birth to approximately 5 months.

    The Bundl Wool Wrap is designed with the following in mind:

    - It encourages bub to sleep on their back, with their face and head uncovered.
    - The wool duvet only comes up to baby’s chest height and not over the face.
    - The side wings are adjustable and can be Velcroed tightly over the top of bub to restrict movement, prevent bub from sliding and help them to feel safe and secure.
    - The recommended age bracket for use of the wrap is newborn to 5 months. At this stage bub is not usually moving very much. It is not recommended for use if bub is excessively mobile or crawling.

    For more information on safe sleep for infants please head to Sleep Safe Canada. 

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