Petit Bateau

Petit Bateau is a classic and a brand that evolves through time with style. We have chosen to carry Petit Bateau's collections primarily because their clothes are very durable. We have experienced with 3-4 kids wearing the same clothes during 5 years, and the shape and fabric of the clothes simply don't move (even if washed in warm water and dried in the machine). We find this achievement very impressive. 

Petit Bateau's brand is much more than just durable. The clothes are very hard to resist - they're so cute! The designs are simple, yet fun. The confection is impeccable. The fabrics used are top quality as they are made by Petit Bateau themselves (partly in Troyes and partly in Marrakech). To top it off, the French Company has been offering organic products for the last 10 years throughout its collections (Certified Oeko-Tex). 

Petit Bateau understands the value in a society that consumes less. They have done a very good job at promoting giving a second life to your kids garment. You can find out more about their fantastic ideas here.

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