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About us
Design that lasts – since 1976
We make clothes designed to be loved, washed and worn. And one day handed down to the next child...and the next. We call this design that lasts.

Let children be children
We started in 1976 with the desire to make comfortable, high-quality childrenswear. This means a play-friendly design, with no details that chafe or restrict movement, that can be washed again and again. Simply put – clothes that let children be children.

Function and safety
We were among the first to seek inspiration from adult sports and outdoor clothing when we started to design outerwear, while taking into account that our clothes would also need to cope with climbing trees, crawling on asphalt and rolling downhill. Our many years of experience have convinced us of the importance of continually testing all the choices we make, from fit and materials down to the shortest seam. All our clothes should get the highest score in the testing system we use to scrutinize the functionality and, most importantly, the safety of our garments. We’re only satisfied once we have a product that’s truly comfortable and safe for a child to wear. We now offer a wide range of premium quality outerwear that keeps children dry and warm in any weather.

Details that make a difference
Fit, quality and safety give the best foundation. Then it’s the well-thought-out details that add some extra wow factor. Touches such as a lovingly embroidered appliqué detail or a quirky button on the back. That’s the detail that’s likely to appeal the most to a child.

The Earth is a hand-me-down; our clothes should be handed down too
Design that lasts also involves taking good care of the planet on which our children will be growing up. We’ve always offered a wide product range in organic cotton and recycled materials, and we’re continually developing more sustainable products. But the most important aspect of our sustainability work is that our clothes are made to be handed down from child to child. Our goal is that each garment should be worn by at least three children, one after the other. So that you and other consumers avoid buying more new garments than necessary, which saves you money and, even better, saves the Earth’s precious resources.

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